Parents fight to get diploma for North Carolina teen who died in March

Parents Fight To Get Diploma For North Carolina Teen Who Died In Sleep

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina high school student, less than three months from earning his high school diploma, won’t see it after dying in his sleep March 19.

But Philip Moore's parents say he earned it, and they are now engaged in a fight with the school he attended since the sixth grade.

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His father, Benjamin Moore, said Cochrane Collegiate Academy offered a certificate, but his parents say that's not enough.

“And I think, 'No I know he deserved that high school diploma,'” said Moore's mother, Yvonne Moore. “Phillip didn’t ask to die. He had excellent grades. Never been suspended from school from kindergarten through the 12th grade.”

According to Moore's parents, school officials said he didn't meet the requirements.

As to how he died, Moore's parents say they still don't know. The results of an autopsy aren't due back until July.