Plane engine catches fire during flight's descent

FILE PHOTO: A United Airlines flight had to be evacuated when an engine caught fire moments before landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

HOUSTON — A three and a half hour flight between Newark, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas, ended with a scare as passengers saw flames shooting from an engine during the flight’s landing into George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

One passenger said he saw the fire about two minutes before landing and coming from the back of the left wing engine, KPRC reported.

The flight landed safely and all passengers were evacuated from the plane.

"(There were) just enormous flames coming from the back of the left wing engine," Philip Morrow told KPRC. "The weirdest thing for me was how peaceful I felt with it. I don't know why, I just wasn't that scared when I saw it because, I guess, I trusted the flight crew would have let us know that there was anything to worry about. So I plan to fly again."

But not everyone had the same outlook as Morrow.

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Some people panicked and hit the flight attendant button, but because the plane was vibrating so much, and they saw flashes coming out of the engine, they kept calling for help.

Leonard Weiner told KTRK, "I noticed as we were coming into Houston airport, I heard sounds that I don't normally hear when I fly."

United Airlines, who operated the flight, issued a statement to KPRC.

"United flight 1168 from Newark, New Jersey to Houston experienced an issue with one of the engines shortly before landing. after landing safely, customers were evacuated from the aircraft and were bused to the terminal. Local authorities responded immediately and our maintenance team is currently inspecting the aircraft."

No one was hurt in the incident, KTRK reported.