Police: Houston homeowner shoots at teens carrying paintball guns; 1 killed

HOUSTON — A 19-year-old man was fatally shot by a homeowner Tuesday night after 15 teenagers with paintball guns went to the Houston house, police said.

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Police believe the teens had gone to the home to fight a 17-year-old who lives there, KTRK reported.

Police said the residents of the house heard shots outside, so the homeowner came outside to investigate, KPRC reported. The homeowner then fired a round from his rifle that killed the 19-year-old, police said.

"They were alerted to some sort of disturbance," Houston police Sgt. Joshua Horn told KHOU. "They believed that they were – that their house was being shot at. The homeowner, the father, came outside to the disturbance, approached a suspect who was standing out here. Believed that he was a threat, fearing for his safety, fired a round at him."

Police said they found paintball shells and paintball splatter on the home, KPRC reported.

The homeowner is being questioned by police, KTRK reported. Three of the teens with paintball guns have been detained. They could be charged with anything from assault to criminal mischief, the television station reported.