Road crews in Oklahoma accused of painting over roadkill in city streets

TULSA, Okla. — Residents who live near North Yale and East Marshall streets in north Tulsa, Oklahoma, said the city's latest paint striping operation has left them laughing and also scratching their heads.

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Residents pointed to roadkill that was painted over when the city reapplied the double yellow lines to the middle of the four-lane road.

[Warning, video below contains images of roadkill]

One family said they saw the city painting on the street and wondered if they would stop to remove the road kill. The quickly found out, the crews did not.

They say they instead found animal carcasses with fresh yellow stripes on them.

Another resident said the area deals with so much roadkill of wild and domesticated animals that he's not surprised that more weren't painted over.

The city of Tulsa said in a statement that its street crews did in fact paint over roadkill, but said that traditional protocol is to pick up anything in the street that does not allow for a solid line to be painted properly.

The city is sending crews back out Tuesday to pick up all roadkill that was painted over and make corrections in spots where animals were painted instead of the road's surface, in response to's story on the incident.