Surprise! Prom couple photobombed by zombies near set of ‘Walking Dead'

Photo: Stepahnie Smith Photography

SENOIA, Ga. — A high school couple trying to take their prom pictures in a scenic metro Atlanta park ended up with some unexpected guests photo-bombing their shoot.

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Students all across the city and surrounding suburbs have been flooding into local parks and other picturesque locations to capture those priceless memories of their high school prom.

One couple was in for a surprise after hiring photographer Stephanie Smith and setting up in a park Saturday in Senoia.

This is what happens when you try to take your prom photos next to The Walking Dead set! #Senoia #TheWalkingDead

Posted by Stephanie Smith Photography on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The small-town acts as a backdrop for the fictional town Alexandria on hit cable series "The Walking Dead."

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“It was just a typical shoot in Senoia. We were hitting all the usual spots for prom pictures,” Smith said.

Smith said she found the perfect spot to take the couple's prom photos and made sure to avoid shooting the wall that had been built around several homes for the television show ahead of shooting for season 3.

But there was one thing they couldn’t avoid.

“Out of nowhere, a group of zombies walked by,” Smith said.

“They walked directly in front of the camera,” Smith said.

The couple looked a little stunned by the unexpected guests but just went with it.

A couple photobombed by 'Walking Dead' zombies during a photo shoot for their prom pictures in a park in metro Atlanta. Photo: Stepahnie Smith Photography

Needless to say, it made for some memorable photos for the couple.

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“I kept shooting because it was so funny,” Smith said.

Don't worry, the couple and photographer made it out of the photo shoot alive with all limbs intact.