Thief steals Massachusetts man's WWII bayonet artifact, credit cards

Thief steals Massachusetts man's WWII bayonet artifact, credit cards

Police released still shots from a surveillance video of a man suspected of robbing a Massachusetts home and stealing credit cards and a World War II artifact.

SAUGUS, Mass — Police are searching for a thief who broke into a Massachusetts home and stole a man's WWII bayonet, which was a gift from his late brother-in-law.

The German artifact, which is more than 70 years old, comes from the Normandy invasion in June 1944 and is of huge significance to its owner.

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"He gave it to me a long time ago, 60 years ago," said the victim, who prefers to remain anonymous. "He was in the invasion of Normandy.

"That's how he got the souvenir. ... So it was tough. He didn't talk about it much or at all."

Along with the bayonet, police said the thief also took the victim's wallet about a month ago when his Saugus home was broken into.

Now, police said they have photos of the person they believe committed the thefts after the suspect used the stolen credit cards at nearby businesses.

The victim told WFXT he only noticed his home was broken into the next morning, where his bayonet, credit cards and cash from his wallet were missing.

"I was angry that someone did that," said the victim. "I'm still angry about it. Someone breaking in like that."

Police are determined to find the suspect based on surveillance footage showing the burglar using the stolen credit cards.

The victim told WFXT other homes were broken into around the same time, just a few blocks away from his house.

"I'd try to grab him and whack him a few times," the victim told WFXT. "I was just angry about it."