What are the differences between Nokia 2000, 2017?

Some consider it the workhorse of the cellphone world, and it is making a comeback of sorts.

The Nokia 3310 will be hitting store shelves soon after being announced earlier this year.

And while the original and the new versions look similar, the 2017 model has a few bells and whistles that the original didn’t.

The new version is lighter, but longer and wider than the original. That's because the phone isn't as thick as the 2000 model, Forbes reported.

Buttons are more rounded also.

The standard bluish-gray color isn’t the only option. You can get factory red, yellow, blue and gray. But other covers from non-Nokia companies are expected.

The screen will be a full-color LCD, not black and white, and will measure nearly a full inch bigger, Forbes reported.

The 2017 Nokia 3310 will have a camera, but nothing like the iPhone or Android versions. It will have a basic 2MP rear camera. It will have a flash and basic video options. There is no front-facing lens.

There will be limited 2G connectivity and no WiFi, Forbes reported.

As for cost, the phone will be much more affordable than the current high-tech options. It will have a price tag of about $52.

The phones will be for sale between the end of April or the beginning of May. The bad news is there are no plans to sell them in the US or Canada due to the fact that the countries no longer use 2G, Forbes reported.