Woman gives birth at fire station

A Missouri woman gave birth to her third child in the parking lot of a fire station. China Photos/Getty Images/Getty Images

FENTON, Mo. — A woman and her husband welcomed their third child in a Fenton, Missouri, fire station parking lot.

Bergandi Mcelwain's last two births involved long labors -- between eight and 12 hours, according to KTVI, so she and her husband, Zach Mcelwain, thought she had time to get to the hospital. Zach Mcelwain didn't start the drive until his wife had contractions for an hour.

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Once they were in the car and driving onto the highway, Bergandi Mcelwain’s water broke.

“I reached down and I could feel the baby’s head there, and I’m like, ‘We’re not gonna make it, like we’re not,’” Zach Mcelwain said. “So it clicked in my head and slammed on the gas and went straight to the fire house.”

After banging on the door, firefighters and paramedics helped Zach Mcelwain deliver the couple’s third son.

“We think he’s going to be fast and furious, and I already have a couple of those at home, so I was planning on this to be my calm and collected and sobering child, but I have a feeling he might not be that,” Bergandi Mcelwain said.