Artist sells invisible sculpture for $18,000

Art can come in just about any shape, size and value.

But one Italian artist has put all of it to shame for selling his latest “creation” for more than $18,000, although “creation” may be a stretch.

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Salvatore Garau recently sold an invisible sculpture called “I Am,” NPR reported.

Keep in mind, the “sculpture” is not clear plastic or anything else.

It actually is nothing. There is no sculpture.

The person who paid the $18,000 for the “work” of art gets a stamped certificate as a receipt of payment, NPR reported.

It was expected to bring in between 6,000 to 9,000 euros, reported.

Garau said “I Am,” or in his native Italian, “Io Sono” isn’t nothing but rather a vacuum, reported.

He said the piece exists in the mind of its creator.

Garau also set rules on how the work is to be displayed, including being in an area about 5 feet by 5 feet with no obstructions; but good news — lighting and climate control are optional, Italy 24 News reported.

“Io Sono” isn’t the only piece of invisible art. He’s also created a “Buddha in contemplation” piece and one called “Aphrodite Piange,” or “Aphrodite cries,” reported.