College student helps community during coronavirus outbreak, matches shoppers with seniors who can’t go to stores

A pre-med student is using her time while the country is trying to prepare to be homebound to help those who can’t go out during the COVID-19, or new coronavirus, social distancing.

Jayde Powell has started the group called Shopping Angels.

Shopping Angels is a community program designed to provide services to those populations deemed especially at-risk for the novel COVID-19 virus that is spreading throughout the United States. Individuals aged 60+ and those with conditions that impair their immune function are specifically vulnerable to contracting this virus. To help ease the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear surrounding this pandemic, we are volunteering our time to physically go and pick up groceries or other shopping necessities for those who may prefer to stay within the safety of their own home at no additional cost.

Posted by Shopping Angels on Friday, March 13, 2020

Powell isn’t charging fees or any additional costs to go shopping for those who are most at risk from the pandemic.

She’s connecting volunteers with senior citizens to get their supplies as they take shelter from the virus at home.

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“Going to one store could be an all-day affair for an elderly person. They don’t have money to get gas or energy to go to a lot of stores just to find out they don’t have the basic supplies to last them a couple of weeks,” Powell told KVVU.

She has about three dozen college students in Reno and Las Vegas to shop and drop off groceries.

The volunteers will take measures not to pass on the illness to those they’re helping. They will be told to wear masks and gloves while shopping and dropping off, KVVU reported.

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Powell says her idea, while started for the coronavirus outbreak, could last long after everyone gets a clean bill of health.

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