DockATot cited for violating federal Safety Standard for Infant Sleep Products

Officials charged with overseeing product safety have cited a popular product, saying it does not comply with infant sleep product regulations.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a news release that it had issued a notice of violation to DockATot for selling “DockATot Deluxe+ Docks” manufactured on or after June 23, 2022, which do not comply with the requirements of the Safety Standard for Infant Sleep Products.

The Safety Standard for Infant Sleep Products went into effect on June 23, and applies to products marketed or intendend to provide sleeping accommodation for an infant up to 5 months old. The Safety Standard for Infant Sleep Products requires that all non-inclined sleep products, including “baby boxes, in-bed sleepers, baby nests and pods, compact/travel bassinets, and infant tents,” are subject to the safety standard for bassinets and cradles, which requires the products to have a stand, meet stability requirements and have a side height of at least 7.5 inches.

CPSC shared photos of the DockATot Deluxe+ Dock, which it said fails to meet the safety requirements and has been manufactured and imported since June 23.

The DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is available for sale on the company’s website, for prices starting at approximately $130.

On its website, DockATot says that its Deluxe+ docks are not intended for sleep: “For sleep, or any time that you are not able to supervise, you should move your baby to a bare product subject to a mandatory sleep standard.”

The CPSC said that since the ISP Rule went into effect, it has sent more than 125 letters to businesses, and has identified more than 70 products that could be subject to the rule. It said that since June 23, 26 products have been removed from shelves.

Reached via email, a spokesperson for the CPSC said the notice of violation sent to DockATot demanded the company destroy the products that violate the rules so they will not be sold.

DockATot did not respond to a request for comment.