Fantasy football league wager turns into $1,000 tip for Waffle House server

ATLANTA — A fantasy football league punishment turned into a reward for a Waffle House server who was given a $1,000 tip by the losing player made to spend hours at the restaurant.

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Michael Carsley knows the rules, finish last in their fantasy football league and the bet is to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House, WSB-TV reported. The only reprieve, an hour can be removed from the time for each waffle eaten.

Carsley, 32, attempted to eat as many waffles as he could Jan. 3 in order to reduce his 24 hour sentence. He livestreamed the meal to friends, who ended up donating $1,000 for the server.

“I love waffles, especially from Waffle House,” he said. “But I don’t know if I’ll consume another waffle again.”

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Mosammat Shumi, a server at the restaurant chain for 11 years, was surprised when Carsley explained his circumstances.

“He told me, ‘I have to eat 20 waffles.’ And I said, ‘Are you sure?’”

He eventually ate 18 waffles over the course of six hours.

“I would do it again,” Carsley told CNN. “The punishment was absolutely horrible, but it was more worth it than anything.”

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The bill was about $49. He was able to raise $1,040 from 90 donations, which he gave to Shumi.

She was overcome with emotion.

“Once in a lifetime,” Shumi said. “I don’t how to explain it. There is so much happiness.”