Illinois mom accused of suffocating baby girl

Mom accused of suffocating baby girl

PEKIN, Ill. — An Illinois mom is facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter after police said she suffocated her baby girl.

According to WMBD and WEEK, Pekin police arrested Angel Vanduker, 19, in connection with the death of her 11-month-old daughter, Nova Tucker. The infant died at an area hospital Thursday, three days after authorities found her unresponsive, the news outlets reported.

Although Vanduker initially claimed that Tucker had choked while eating, she later admitted to wrapping a blanket around the baby and holding her tightly before falling asleep, WMBD reported, citing the court filing. The baby died of suffocation, according to an autopsy.

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Vanduker’s next court appearance is set for Oct. 15, authorities said.

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