Indiana hotel’s ‘Stranger Things’ suite offers stay in the Upside Down

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — If the “Upside Down” sounds like your kind of vacation, then one Indiana hotel has just the package for you.

With Halloween approaching and a fifth and final season of Netflix’s wildly popular, ‘80s-centric series “Stranger Things” slated to begin filming in 2023, the folks at Graduate Bloomington hotels have brought the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, to life.

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According to WHAS-TV, visitors to the “Stranger Things” suite walk into a recreation of the nostalgic Byers’ living room, complete with Christmas lights and the alphabet wall Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, used to communicate with her son Will, played by Noah Schnapp, when he was trapped in the “Upside Down,” the show’s alternate dimension.

The suite also features the super ‘80s wallpaper and a map for locating the Demogorgon.

“We really wanted to make locals and people from afar come to Graduate Bloomington to feel like you’re in the series,” Lauren Davis, director of sales at Graduate Bloomington, told WHAS.

“Lots of investigating to be able to figure out where to get identical pieces. A lot of guests that stay in this room actually say it feels like they’re on set because the wallpaper you’ll see is identical, the drawings and everything here, identical,” she added.

According to the hotel’s booking page, rental rates for the suite start at $299 per night and include a Polaroid camera and film, bicycles to tour around Bloomington, tickets to the local WonderLab science museum, and an Eggo Extravaganza.

The science museum receives 11% of the proceeds, WHAS reported.

According to Elite Daily, a weekend stay in October will run fans closer to $1,399.

The suite, which Graduate Bloomington opened in October 2021, also boasts a milk carton with Will’s photo, a burned telephone and stacks of Eggo Waffles, preferred by Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven.

Meanwhile, the adjoining room recreates the Wheeler family basement, complete with Eleven’s fort, a life-size Demogorgon over the bed and an arsenal of ‘80s retro games just waiting to be played.

“I think it’s the fact that you can quite literally hang out in this suite the whole time and never leave. You don’t go to many hotels where you don’t leave the room,” Davis told WHAS, adding, “It’s cool how you can take pictures, listen to the cassette player, try on all the outfits, play the games in the other room and have fun and not have to leave.”

The suite does not, however, offer a modern TV, so don’t forget the laptop if you plan to binge a few seasons while immersed in the Upside Down, Elite Daily reported.

According to the chain, the “Stranger Things” suite is one of four pop culture-inspired suites at Graduate Hotels nationwide. A “Big” suite pays homage to the 1988 Tom Hanks flick on New York’s Roosevelt Island; the Dolly Parton/Lily Tomlin/Jane Fonda comedy is reenacted in a “9 to 5″ suite in Nashville, Tennessee; and the “Home Alone” experience can be had in Chicago.