Keanu Reeves is now the author of a limited series comic book

Comic books come calling for Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has created a comic book series “BRZRKR” featuring a half-god, half mortal hero who bares a striking resemblance to the 55-year-old actor.

In a project collaborated with co-writer Matt Kindt, BOOM! Studios announced the 12-issue limited series “BRZRKR” Friday. The comic was brought to life with the help of artist Alessandro Vitti, colorist Bill Crabtree and letterer Clem Robins.

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Reeves shared his excitement about working with a creative team that has worked on best-selling projects including “Marvel’s Secret Warriors”, “Folklords, Bang!”, “BRPD” and “Hellboy”.

“I have loved comics since I was a young kid and they have been a significant influence on me artistically. To have the chance to create BRZRKR and collaborate with legends in the industry like writer Matt Kindt, artist Alessandro Vitti, color artist Bill Crabtree, letterer Clem Robins, and conceptual/cover artist Rafael Grampá — along with the great folks at Boom Studios — is a dream come true,” Reeves said in a statement from BOOM! Studios.

Reeves told USA Today in an exclusive interview that he met with the comic book and graphic novel publisher last year to pitch the story.

“It’s a little fantasy in reality. I had this image in my head of a guy fighting through the ages because of his father’s compulsion to violence, but with the pathos of a man trapped and trying to figure it out,” Reeves told USA Today.

The comic’s editor-in-chief, Matt Gagnon said that Reeves creativity has been key to his success.

“Spend five minutes with Keanu and it becomes clear very quickly why he’s earned all the success he has. Exceptional creative instincts, deep reservoirs of wisdom on story, the ability to consistently tap into the raw emotion of a moment, relentless commitment to quality and the task at hand -- it’s all this and much more that make Keanu an inspiring force,” Gagnon told USA Today.

When USA Today asked if he would like to play the character of Berserker, Reeves said, “I’d love to play Berzerker! It’s a really fun story so if it’s not me, hopefully someone can play it.”

The first of 12 books in the monthly series will be available Oct. 7.

Read more about the new comic “BRZRKR” at the publisher’s website here.