Larry King mourns the loss of 2 kids within 2 weeks

Longtime TV and radio host Larry King has lost two of his children in the last two weeks.

King’s only daughter, Chaia King, died Thursday after battling lung cancer. She was 51 years old.

Last week, King’s son, Andy King, suddenly died, according to People magazine. He was 65 years old. A cause of death has not been released.

King has not publicly commented on the family deaths.

The 86-year-old media producer has been married eight times to seven women and has three surviving children.

Andy and Chaia are King’s children from his marriages to Alene Atkins.

Atkins, a former Playboy Bunny, was King’s third wife in 1961. King adopted Atkins’s son, Andy, in 1962. The pair divorced in 1963.

Later that year, King married his fourth wife, Mickey Stuphin. King and Stuphin divorced within the year, and King remarried Atkins in 1967. The two had Chaia in 1969 and were married until 1972.

King has two sons, 21-year-old Chance and 20-year-old Cannon, from his nearly 22-year marriage to his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick.

King also has a son, 58-year-old Larry King Jr., from his brief marriage to his second wife, Annette Kaye. Larry King Jr. was in his thirties when he met his father. Kaye informed King about their shared child in 1994 when she was dying of lung cancer, according to the New York Post.