Man gets wrong lottery ticket, ends up winning $2 million

Man wins $2 million after getting wrong lottery ticket

A man probably hoped to hit it big when he recently went to buy lottery tickets. But the clerk made a mistake that ended up being a big payout.

The man, whose name has not been released, had to get air in his tire, so he stopped at a gas station in suburban Detroit. He needed to get change for the air pump and while he was there, he asked the clerk for a $10 Michigan lottery scratch-off ticket, The Associated Press reported.

But the clerk ripped off a $20 ticket instead. The man said he decided to bank on the mistake and when was done scratching off the play area, he was a millionaire, winning $2 million, the AP reported.

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Instead of taking the jackpot over the years, the man decided to take the lump sum which totaled $1.3 million.