Nearly 30 dogs rescued from hoarding, abandonment in Arizona

Nearly 30 dogs rescued from hoarding, abandonment in Arizona
Nearly 30 dogs in Arizona were rescued from hoarding or abandonment situations this week, officials said. (Philippe Huguen/AFP via Getty Images)

Nearly 30 dogs have been rescued this week from hoarding and abandonment situations in northern Arizona, officials said.

According to the Arizona Animal Welfare League, 24 dogs were rescued from a hoarding situation in Concho, KNXV reported. The agency’s officials, along with Arizona Border Collie Rescue, made a four-hour drive and discovered that the dogs were living in filthy conditions, KTVK reported. There were “large amounts of trash, dog hair and feces found throughout the house.”

“They were in a hoarding situation. The dogs were never let outside,” Kelly Quinn, founder of Arizona Border Collie Rescue, told KNXV. “They all lived in the trailer with the couple that are ill and frail and they finally asked for help. They had to use a snare, it was awful. It was an awful situation, the dogs were very fearful. They’ve never been out of the home. They were extremely frightened.”

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The AAWL transported the dogs to Arizona Border Collie Rescue but will keep two dogs that require major medical treatment, the television station reported.

During a second trip, the animal rescue agencies rescued several dogs living on an abandoned property, KTVK reported. According to the agencies, the property’s owner allegedly said he would “shoot any dogs left.”

The dogs were rescued, and one had a broken leg and a large mass on its hip that will need surgery, the television station reported.

Officials said the dogs will be rehabilitated and eventually be put up for adoption, KNXV reported.

It is not clear whether charges will be filed in either case, the television station reported.