‘Rebel Scum’: Stormtrooper stolen from porch in Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla. — Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are looking for the “nerf-herder” who stole a Stormtrooper statue from a residential driveway.

In a humorous Facebook post, the Tulsa Police Department published a video of someone taking the nearly full-size Star Wars character.

According to KOKI-TV, the post was full of “Star Wars” jokes.

“It is entirely possible that he was upset with Order 66 and revenging the Jedi. However, in Oklahoma, it’s still a crime.”

“The Force Will Be Strong with the Chosen One who can bring this nerf-herder before the Jedi Council (or in this case, Criminal Court). Imperial Credit (AKA cash rewards) are paid for information that leads to an arrest.”

The 4-foot-tall action figure was taken from the driveway on June 17, according to KOKI.

Tulsa Crime Stoppers are offering a reward for information that could lead to an arrest. Call 918-596-COPS and reference case 2022-308035.

You can remain anonymous.