Texas toddler wakes up parents, saves family from fire

ALVORD, Texas — A Texas toddler is a hero, credited with waking his family up in enough time to escape a fire that was consuming their home.

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Brandon Dahl’s parents say the 2-year-old woke them up before dawn on Jan. 15 saying, “Momma, hot! Momma, hot!” WFAA reported.

Kayla Dahl told Good Morning America her toddler was tapping on her feet and coughing, and when she looked around she could see flames. Dahl said she and her husband were recovering from COVID-19 and believes that because both had lost their senses of taste and smell, they did not notice the fire earlier.

The Dahls were able to escape from the fire with all five of their children safely, though their home was destroyed, GMA reported. “Everything is gone. We lost my car. Everything inside the house. Brandon saved us. He was wrapped in God’s arms to help protect him and to make sure that our entire family was able to get out,” Kayla told Good Morning America.

A picture posted to Facebook by the Decatur Fire Department shows the Dahl home fully engulfed in flames.

Information Release Mutual Aid House Fire Incident Saturday, January 15, 2022 Just before 5:00am today (1/15/2022)...

Posted by Decatur Fire Department on Saturday, January 15, 2022

Nathan Dahl, Brandon’s father, is a volunteer firefighter for the Alvord Fire Department for years, and told WFAA he has run practice fire drills with his children just in case of emergencies.

Firefighters at the scene told WFAA they believed the fire was likely started by a gas heater in the living room.