Trump says infection from coronavirus was ‘like a blessing from God’

Trump says coronavirus infection was ‘like a blessing from God’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday released a video of himself on the grounds of the White House, calling his contraction of the coronavirus “like a blessing from God.”

The President, speaking for 4 minutes, 53 seconds, spoke about the positive effects the drug produced by Regeneron had on him during his stay last week at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

“I want everybody to get the same treatment as your president because I feel great,” Trump said. “I feel like, perfect.

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“I think it was like a blessing from God that I caught (COVID-19),” Trump added. “This was a blessing in disguise.”

Trump also said he would provide hundreds of thousands of doses of unapproved drugs to Americans free of charge, The New York Times reported.

Trump ended the video by saying, “Good luck.”

The video was supposed to be released Tuesday, the Times reported.

Regeneron is a biotechnology company working on the experimental drug to fight the coronavirus. The medication is given as a one-time treatment through an intravenous injection.

Trump called the antibody drug cocktail produced by Regeneron -- which is still in clinical trials -- “a cure.”

“I view these, these weren’t therapeutic, they made me better, I call that a cure,” Trump said “I walked in, I didn’t feel good, a short 24 hours later I was feeling great. I wanted to get out of the hospital.

“It did a fantastic job,” Trump added. “I want to get to you what I got, and it’s going to be free.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump’s views “a tragedy.”

“Gotta think before I speak on this one," Biden told reporters Wednesday evening. "I think it’s a tragedy the president deals with COVID like it is something not to be worried about when already 210,000 people have died. I think it’s a tragedy.”