Voters torn over 'Voter ID' issue on Arkansas ballots

Voters are torn behind a voter ID issue on the ballot in Arkansas.

Their vote would determine if the voter ID law would be written into the state’s constitution.

Some voters like the idea but others say it isn’t the best solution. The rain did not stop them from voicing their opinions about the issue.

“To me, it was just perhaps or could be a way to suppress voters’ rights,” said Lydia Nance.

Nance is skeptical about the Arkansas voter ID issue referred to as “Issue #2” on the ballot. Nance voted against it.

“Some voters may not have the proper identification at that particular time or for some reason or another, it may discourage them from pursuing their right to vote,” she said.

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Voters in Arkansas already show their IDs. If Issue No. 2 passes, it would require voters to present certain valid photo IDs in person or when casting an absentee ballot.

“I think everybody should have a voter ID card, driver’s license, some form of photo ID, preferably a driver’s license,” said Eddie Bethany, a voter.

Voters would decide whether or not to change part of the constitution to amend the qualifications voters must meet on Election Day.

“It doesn’t make any difference to me if it goes into the constitution or not, it’s something that should be required by law,” Bethany said.

This would also require the state to issue photo IDs at no cost to voters lacking identification. Some said the wording on the ballot about this issue is confusing.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable being for something because I’m not sure if that will suppress voter rights,” Nance said.

The polls open at 8 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. on most days in Marion.