"God, is that you?" FEC asks for verification

"God, is that you?" FEC asks for verification

"God" filed documents with the FEC to a candidate for president. 

WASHINGTON — God, is that you? It's a question the Federal Elections Commission is seriously asking to the person who filed documents to run for president, as God.

We first told you last month about the commission's plans to send a verification letter to all those who filed to run for president with suspicious names. Along with God – Forrest Gump, Buddy the Elf and Kermit the Frog got letters too.

The letter went out this week to all those who filed under names that "include obscene language, sexual references, celebrities" and "similarly implausible entries."

Right now, the names filed most likely as a joke show up in the searchable system alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's campaign reports. 

Nearly 2,000 people filed to run for president in total, but to be considered a candidate for federal office, the person needs to receive more than $5000 in contributions. 

The commission gives candidates two choices in the letter: either verify your identity and confirm your intention to run for president, or withdraw the documents. 

In the letter, the FEC gives candidates like Warlord, One Cent Piece, Satan, and Hey He Stole That Guy's Pizza until Sept. 29 to respond.  

It also sends a reminder about the penalties for filing false documents with a federal agency and doesn't rule out further enforcement action if candidates do not comply. 

A quick laugh for some is turning into a long backlog of work for the FEC.