Where are they now? Munford lottery winners living lavishly

As lottery ticket holders anxiously waited to learn whether they’re numbers match the seventh highest jackpot in lottery history, FOX13 checked in on the family who won a third of the $1.8 billion jackpot in January.

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Guided by the advice of a Memphis-based attorney, John and Lisa Robinson took their winning ticket on a national morning news program, thrusting their exciting win into the national spotlight.

When the family collected its check in Nashville, the Robinsons shared plans to stay in their modest home in Munford. Lisa even said she would continue working.

“Not only are we private, we’re common people,” John Robinson said. “We’re just like y’all. These big fancy houses are nice, but you gotta clean ‘em.”

Fast forward about six months, and the Robinson family is living a much more lavish lifestyle than the plans they described to media when they won in January.

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A local tax assessor confirmed to FOX13 that the Robinsons bought a 10-bedroom home on a 320-acre lot with a private lake. The property cost them $6.2 million, and it includes rural Tennessee’s finest views, a private home theater and eight bathrooms, according to the property’s listing on Trulia.

FOX13 learned they cut ties with the attorney that encouraged them to thrust their earnings into the public eye shortly after collecting the check.

FOX13 visited the family’s home in Munford, and neighbors said they would do the same thing if they won such a large jackpot. Neighbors who know the family said the Robinsons are asking the public for privacy.

“I get people once in a while that say ‘where’s that house where them rich people are,’” Fred Williams, the family’s neighbor, said. “It’s right down the street.”

Williams told FOX13 life was never the same for the Robinsons again when they returned to Munford.

“I did hear that she went to work the day after they won, but wasn’t treated very good is what I understand,” Williams said.

Multiple neighbors told FOX13 the family is adjusting to life as millionaires, but wouldn’t provide many details. Neighbors said the family wants privacy.

Williams also said his neighbors come home from time to time and exchange neighborly waves; but for better or worse, their lives are forever changed.

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“They was a middle class, happy family and they was real happy here in Munford,” Williams said. “I don’t think they really realized what was happening [when they won].”

The Robinsons bought their life-changing ticket at Naifeh’s, a locally-owned grocery store.

Wearing a shirt that says “Get Lucky at Naifeh’s,” Michelletta Crump told FOX13 lottery ticket sales have spiked at the store since January.

“A lot more people buy lottery tickets, and people always come in here and ask about it,” Crump said.

“I think anybody from Munford would probably leave if they won that money,” Crump added. “I would.”

FOX13 is not disclosing the specific location of the multi-million dollar home, out of respect for the family’s request for privacy.