Who is Quinton Tellis?


Quinton Tellis has a criminal history

Quinton Tellis has been indicted on capital murder charges in the death of Jessica Chambers.

He has a criminal record, but nothing in it would indicate a future homicide indictment. The result has left some people baffled.

>> Quinton Tellis charged with Jessica Chambers’ murder

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Jessica’s father told FOX13 he never met the man, even though Tellis supposedly grew up right around the corner from Jessica.

"Never seen him before. Never talk to him or nothing. I don't know nothing about him or anything,” Ben Chambers said.

Investigators said Tellis is a known gang member, but they said the killing was not gang related.

FOX13 learned Tellis and Jessica met through friends

"He was just a low-level criminal based on his prior convictions. He (was) just basically a nondescript person; that's all I can say about him," District Attorney John Champion said.

Tellis' record In Panola County is checkered. He has two convictions for burglary in the past five years, and another conviction for felony fleeing.

He is a habitual offender in the state of Mississippi, and he now faces capital murder charges in Jessica Chambers’ death.

In addition, Tellis is facing charges in Louisiana. He was arrested in August of 2015 for unlawful use of an access card. Police said he used a stolen Chase Bank debit card on three different occasions.

That card belonged to an exchange student who was murdered in Monroe, but Tellis has not been charged in the individual’s death at this time. Law enforcement says the student's death was a brutal stabbing.

"We look at him early on and he was one of the very first (to) interview…We got some things that he told us at the time (but) we kind of fell off or radar. But it wasn't a focus, and he didn't become a focus again until October," Champion said.

And since October, he became the lead suspect and everything culminated with an indictment.

Investigators told FOX13 they believe Tellis acted alone in Jessica’s murder.