Woman accused of following Congressman Kustoff after town hall, confronting him on rural road

A Tennessee woman is accused of following a U.S. Congressman after a town hall meeting and confronting him after he stopped his car.

The incident happened on May 8 when Congressman David Kustoff was at a meeting on the campus of UT Martin. When the congressman left the meeting, he and his aide were followed by a woman, according to the Weakly County Sheriff’s Department.

While they were driving down Highway 45 south of Martin, the woman’s driving and behavior put the congressman and his aide “in fear of being forced off of the roadway.”

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The sheriff’s department said the victims turned off the highway and pulled into a driveway of someone they knew. The woman then exited her car, began screaming, hit the windows of the victims’ vehicle and even reached inside it, according to investigators.

The victims called 911, but the woman was gone before emergency responders got there.

The suspect was later identified as Wendi Wright, 35. Investigators were able to track her down because she posted about the incident on her Facebook page.

Wright was arrested and charged with felony reckless endangerment. She was released after posting a $1000 bond.