• Ignite The Dream For Dr. King At The Children's Museum Of Memphis


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (January 9, 2015) - Ignite the Dream for Dr. King at The Children's Museum of Memphis on Monday, January 19, 11am-1pm.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. took a courageous stand for unity and equality for all people. Following the non-violent teachings of Gandhi, his example of peaceful demonstrations made a powerful impact on the fight for civil rights. King's fight for justice was a fight which also included justice for children. In honor of his great accomplishments and to continue his stand for peace and equality for all people, we present the Kid's Dream Project 2015.

    So how do children today relate to the concept of equality and unity since King's death? Children are asked to write letters, draw pictures, and make video recordings to express their visions and dreams of what peace and unity looks like today through their eyes. This year we are also asking students to write poems, oratorical monologues, and other forms of creative messaging to perform on the open mic stage during the Dr. King celebration.

    This project gives children of the Mid-South the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas of peace, unity and equality as seen from their perspective. In addition, it allows a platform for teachers to discuss racial injustice, bullying, diversity, and self-identity with students. Participants of all ages have the opportunity to enhance letter writing and critical thinking skills. All entries must be received by the close of business on January 15, 2015. Please send or bring all entries to The Children's Museum of Memphis, 2525 Central Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38104.  Please include name, address, school age/grade and teacher on all entries.

    We will display at least 100 entries in the Dear Dr. King - Kid's Dream exhibition at The Children's Museum during the Ignite the Dream Celebration on January 19. The public is invited to participate and attend. Visitors will enjoy making crafts to commemorate the day and decorating squares of hope to be added to our ever growing peace quilt. Be sure to add your hand print to the hands of hope graffiti wall on display. Don't miss the spectacular neon light puppet show presented by the puppet ministry of Kirby Woods Baptist Church, the "I Have a Dream" speech presented by Matthew Kelley of Kate Bond Elementary School and hear stories of the struggle by The Story Troopers from the University of Memphis under the leadership of Dr. Lawrence Blackwell. We are also pleased to present, Cory Maclin, Jr. and Catrell Maclin, the sons of the late local sports anchor, TV announcer, and Memphis wrestling personality, Cory Maclin Sr. as they follow their father's path by broadcasting from the event where visitors can listen to us live on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram from our Ustream account http://ustrea.am/1kH3E.   It's more than a celebration of fun; it's a celebration with meaning and purpose.


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