10,000 families hand-delivered food boxes with help from Sheriff’s Office

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Saturday morning, 10,000 needy families were hand-delivered food boxes to help them get through the Christmas holiday.

FOX13’s Winnie Wright rode along with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office as they delivered boxes to seniors that could be living alone this holiday season.

We caught up with them at Kefauver Terrace Apartments as they delivered boxes of food to elderly residents.

“We’ve got macaroni and cheese, corn meal, fruit cocktail, more macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles,” said Sgt. Joseph Moore.

Residents lined up early outside their apartments to grab one of the donated boxes.

Most of them, more concerned that their neighbors had what they needed than worried about themselves.

“We all are grateful,” said Barbara Clemons, resident.

Clemons is the community’s resident president.

“A lot of our older seniors, well I’m a senior, but we’ve got much older seniors that don’t have transportation and don’t have people to come visit,” Clemmons said. “So, when y’all bring boxes to us, or food banks, we just appreciate it because sometimes it’s the only mean we’ll get.”

The boxes were donated as a part of Compassionate Christmas, a program hosted by the Neighborhood Christian Centers.

“We appreciate every little thing like that,” said Donald Millen, resident. “At least I do, my family, we love it.”

SCSO handed out 150 boxes across the county.

“I love it,” Sgt. Moore said. “It puts me in the Christmas spirit.”

The Christmas spirit was present in the residents as well.

A reminder that sometimes you really can pick your family.

“The people who don’t have an opportunity to be able to sit down and enjoy family, to be able to live in a community they’re accepted at, it really makes them feel very welcome and at home,” said David Morris, resident. “Gives them something to be cheerful about this holiday.”