Community wants answers after their 4-year-old neighbor was shot

MEMPHIS Tenn. — Caught on camera: suspects throw a Molotov Cocktail and shot at a Memphis home, that hurt a 4-year-old sleeping inside.

Memphis Police still need your help to find the suspects accused of shooting at the home where the mother and her daughter were sleeping.

A person who lives in the home told FOX13, the little girl was grazed by a bullet.

The video was hard to watch.

On Good Morning Memphis, we reported that neighbors said they heard 20 gunshots.

That’s why people are fed up.

It’s not just people in east Memphis who want answers tonight, it’s people across the city who are tired of these senseless crimes that hurt children.

FOX13 showed the surveillance video to east Memphis neighbors.

You can see a group of men throw a Molotov Cocktail at a home in the 46000 block of Dunn Ave. early Wednesday morning and opened fire.

“Four or five guys, pow pow pow, firing off,” said Johnny Abernathy.

A person who lives there told us they tried to put out the Molotov Cocktail to protect the people inside the duplex.

A woman told police, she and her 4-year-old daughter were asleep in the bedroom when they woke up to the gunshots.

That’s when she realized her daughter had been hit.

“These younger men need positive mentors in their life to alleviate things like this from happening,” Abernathy said.

The video shows a small fire in the yard on the west side of the home.

Police said 14 people were inside the duplex.

Neighbors are thankful no one was killed.

“Put the guns down, let’s pray, let’s love each other like we’re supposed to,” a neighbor said. “Sad, it’s so much violence going on in the world.”

Now, a Memphis City Council Member calls for common sense gun control legislation after all the recent shootings that left children hurt or dead.

Just on the outside looking in, my first thought it doesn’t seem like a random act to me," said Martavius Jones. “Seems like it was targeted.”

Jones said the number of Memphis children hurt, killed and generally impacted by recent shootings is startling.

He wonders if it will get worse.

“The fact that the governor is proposing a permit-less carry, whether this is Memphis, Nashville or even rural parts of Tennessee, I just don’t think that’s a good idea,” Jones said.

FOX13 counted several bullet holes on the home. Neighbors urged the shooters to turn themselves in.

“Really unfortunate,” Abernathy said. “Sad. I don’t know what triggered that, but it’s nothing good about shooting someone.”

The 4-year-old girl was released from the hospital.

Police look for at least four suspects believed to be in a newer model gray or silver Toyota Corolla with dark tinted windows and rims.