‘America’s Forgotten:’ Politically-inspired quilts on display at local community center

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A collection of politically-inspired quilts are now on display at a community center in Frayser.

The project, called ‘America’s Forgotten,’ was released by a local Memphis artist, Rose Petti John.

The quilts feature famous sayings from America’s history on three large quilts.

The collection was released on Inauguration Day and has already garnered a lot of attention.

The quilt exhibit features three themes: America Forgot the Pledge, America Forgot the Lyrics, America Forgot the Promise.

Petti John spoke with FOX13′s Amicia Ramsey about the inspiration behind her work.

She said although many Americans know the Pledge by heart, the line “with liberty and justice for all” has been neglected in our culture.

“We really need to revisit it,” Petti John said.

Petti John said the fabric in her quilts represents the diversity of America.

Some of the fabric includes hands in all different shades, representing different ethnicities.

“I felt like that was important, because it’s going to take all of us to rebuild,” Petti John said.

The quilts can be seen at Arkwings Community Art Center, 2034 James Rd, Memphis, TN 38127.