Arkansas movie theater catches fire

WYNNE, Ark. — An Arkansas movie theater caught fire Monday night.

Investigators in Wynne are still trying to figure out what led to a fire that destroyed the town’s movie theatre.

The family that owns the Wynne Twin Cinema was devastated at the loss.

“They are devastated and hurt. This was their business and they took pride in their business and this community and this really hurt and they would like to go on. Let’s hope they can,” said Wynne Fire Chief Lynn Blake.

Investigators don’t think the fire was suspicious.

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The call came in around 9 p.m. and took until midnight to get it under control.

Crews said the building’s construction made it a tough fire to fight.

“Metal roof inside trying to make an attack and it’s a two-story, the way it is laid out in movie theaters you have to climb a small ladder to gain access,” Blake said.

The owners chose not to speak to FOX13.

“So basically the community is hurt pretty much. This is the only theater in town. Hopefully, they will rebuild. They are good people," Blake said.

The family owned the theater for nine years.

The Fire Chief believed the building was a total loss.