Armored truck guard, boyfriend rob truck for over $100,000, police say

Memphis, Tenn. — A Memphis couple is behind bars, accused of paying a steep price for love.

Memphis Police say Sacarol White and Dontavius Morgan teamed up to rob an armored truck outside of Wolfchase Galleria on Wednesday.

According to police, White, the armored truck guard, sat in the truck in front of the mall when a man came up to the side of it, opened the door, and grabbed a bag with almost $137,753 inside.

The man drove off from the scene with the money before police made the scene.

When police did arrive, they said they took White into the station for further questioning.

During questioning, an affidavit states that White began to change her story of the robbery and eventually confessed to talking to her boyfriend, Morgan, about robbing the armored car.

Police said they went to search White’s house and found Morgan inside.

After taking him in for questioning, Morgan also confessed to robbing the truck, according to an affidavit.

Both are charged with felony theft of property between $60,000 and $250,000.