Doctor behind Moderna vaccine speaks to Memphians to dispel vaccine rumors

Memphis, Tenn. — One of the doctors behind the research and clinical trials of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine spoke to Memphians today to dispel some rumors about the vaccine.

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett has been involved with the vaccine development since the very early stages.

On Sunday, she spoke to The Church at the Wells in Memphis via a Facebook Live hosted by Pastor Kia Moore.

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Dr. Corbett said that this vaccine has actually been in development for several years, as COVID-19 has been spreading amongst animals for some time. So, the vaccine wasn’t rushed out overnight.

She also reassures that the vaccine doesn’t impact fertility, hasn’t caused any deaths and doesn’t change your DNA.

According to Dr. Corbett, what the vaccine does is send a message to your cells to trick your cells into thinking that they’ve seen the virus before so that you’re body is better prepared to fight it off.

“We’re just taking an important piece of the virus which is a protein from the virus that is on the surface of the virus,” Corbett said. “So, if you expose yourself to that one protein which is the Spike protein. Then, you’re body, when it sees that protein again, is able to react very quickly.”

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The doctor also shuns any rumors that the vaccine is somehow changing your DNA.

“You’re DNA inside of cell is inside of a portion of your cell, in the middle of your cell, called the nucleus,” Corbett said. “This message doesn’t even go close to that. It stays in the squishy outside part of your cell.”

The message Corbertt wanted Memphians to take away on Sunday: the vaccine is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, learning our immune system and better equipping ourselves to fight off potential future encounters with the virus.