Election results boiling down to mail-in ballots, local official says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Vote counting continues Friday morning as Americans anxiously await the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

Several states are counting votes amid an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots this year.

Four key battleground states are still counting as of Friday morning.

As of Friday morning, all eyes are on Georgia as former Vice President Joe Biden took a small lead in the state overnight.

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About 99 percent of votes in the state have been counted, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Biden’s lead narrowed overnight in Arizona.

A local election commissioner spoke with FOX13 about the role absentee ballots are playing during the final stretch of the election.

Bennie Smith said the coronavirus pandemic led to more ballots being cast by mail this year.

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Smith said election results will boil down to those paper mail-in ballots.

Smith said voters should feel confident that every vote is being counted and that mail-in ballots are a literal paper trail to verify the voting process.

“It’s going to come down to lawyers and paper ballots," Smith said. "If you look at Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania.... The process that they are looking at now is all of the absentee ballots. There will be a challenge of certain ballots but the good thing about it on both sides is evidence.”

Smith said any vote that is challenged can be verified.

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