Facebook argument over Trump sign lands man behind bars, police say

Wynne, Ark. — One Arkansas man got too carried away in the comments section and ended up getting carried to jail, according to the Wynne Police Department.

Police say 49-year-old Randy Scott got into an argument with the owner of Xtreme Signs over a Facebook post and in the comment section told another Facebook user the name of the victim’s business and then wrote “Burn it down”.

In an affidavit, the owner of Xtreme Signs told police that he made a post about wanting to put up a billboard for President Donald Trump.

Scott allegedly took exception and made several comments on the post including one calling the business owner a “racist prick” before eventually responding “Burn it down” to another commenter.

The business owner said in the affidavit that Scott’s comments made him fear for his business, property and wellbeing.

“This is how I make a living for my family and Randy Scott’s actions would be devastating to us and cause thousands of dollars' worth of property damage,” the business owner said.

The business owner stated that he was so frightened that he went to purchase guns to protect his family.

Wynne Police arrested Scott a couple weeks later.

Scott has been charged with Terroristic Threatening.