Family members mourn mother of five shot and killed Tuesday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family members of a mother who was killed on Tuesday morning believe more could’ve been done to save her life.

Records show multiple police reports filed by the victim against her ex-boyfriend.

One report was taken days before the victim was shot and killed.

“Eventually it was going to escalate more and it did. I hate knowing it could’ve been prevented,” said the victim’s cousin Roshaundrea Harvell.

Harvell said it’s a relationship that should’ve ended years ago.

Court records detail the violent events leading up to Shaneka Harvell’s death.

The mother of five was killed in front of her children early Tuesday morning off Prospect Street.

“He’s familiar with the law and he doesn’t have a fear for the law at all,” said Roshaundrea Harvell.

Court records show the ex-boyfriend was arrested back in June for aggravated assault, rape and other charges then again in September.

According to an affidavit, Harvell told her ex she didn’t want to date him anymore so he hit her in the face and threatened her with a knife.

When officers arrived she also told them her ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted her.

That’s when family members said she decided to leave him for good.

“It’s sad that the police give you this information and tell you to do all these things but they only get seriously involved when the woman is seriously hurt or killed,” said Harvell.

According to a police report, on September 16, Harvell called police again telling them her ex started contacting her after he was released from jail.

Court records show Harvell filed for a temporary restraining order on September 22nd but the ex-boyfriend was never served, according to the sheriff’s office.

Fox 13 asked the sheriff’s office about the number of times deputies tried to serve the ex-boyfriend and if they planned on trying to serve him again.

The sheriff’s office said they tried to serve him multiple times but didn’t share any other information.

In another police report, filed on October 2nd, five days before Harvell was killed, she told police her ex was using a different number to contact her.

Her cousin Roushandrea questions why her calls for help weren’t taken more seriously.

“Something has to change things need to change, she should still be here there is no reason for her to be dead and gone right now,” said Harvell.

Right now police said they are still searching for her ex-boyfriend for assault charges.

Fox 13 is not releasing his name because police have not identified him yet but no one is charged or has been named as a suspect in Harvell’s death.

The family said all they want is justice.

“It’s frustrating knowing he is out there and I can put a face to his name,” said Harvell.