Former MPD sergeant indicted for official misconduct

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former Memphis police sergeant has been indicted on three felony counts of official misconduct.

Former MPD Lieutenant Eric Kelly resigned from the department last year after internal affairs investigators claimed they discovered Kelly had a sexual relationship with a woman involved in a murder investigation.

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The former homicide detective is now an accused criminal, indicted by a county grand jury on three counts of official misconduct while on the job.

“Having abused his post, having misused government equipment, government funds and the suspect of a crime” said Taurus Bailey, defense attorney for Bridgett Stafford.

Stafford is a suspect in a murder investigation that then Kelly is accused of having sex with, taking her on a road trip in a police car, letting her stay at his house and trying to convince to work as a stripper.

Stafford even told internal affairs investigators Kelly bought her marijuana.

Those allegations surfaced in the internal affairs investigation of Kelly. He resigned before the MPD could terminate him.

Bailey told FOX 13, “the accusations against him are so grossly deviant from the rules and policies that he needed to be charged.”

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FOX13 went to the home Kelly listed as his address on the court documents to ask him about the charges and if he feared losing his pension.

The person who answered the door told us he didn’t know Kelly, never meet him and the former detective didn’t live there.

When FOX 13 reported on this story in February, we wanted to know under what circumstances could Kelly lose his pension paid for with tax dollars?

According to state law, “benefits will be terminated … if convicted of a felony … arising out of the employee’s employment, constituting malfeasance in office.”

“I don’t believe that the taxpayers should be responsible for someone who was so flippant and reckless with his duties,” Bailey said.

FOX13 emailed Memphis Police for comment about Kelly’s indictment but they never responded.

As for what caused the Shelby County District Attorney to seek an indictment against Kelly, a spokesman emailed FOX13 this response: “this is a pending case and the result of an ongoing investigation. It will now be dealt with in court.”

Kelly is free on his own recognizance.

Kelly’s next court date is Oct. 13 in Division 2 for bond arraignment.

No attorney for Kelly has been listed at this time.