Four years after protest on I-40 bridge, community still eager for change

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four years ago today, more than a thousand protesters shut down the I-40 bridge for hours.

The protesters blocked traffic in both directions to demand criminal justice reform.

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The bridge shutdown foreshadowed many events of this year, as protests erupted around the country following the deaths of several people at the hands of police.

Community activists in Memphis say there is more work to be done on the road to change.

Recently, protesters gathered in front of Memphis City Hall to protest police brutality and demand changes.

Many were arrested after they refused to move from the area for a construction project.

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Major protests in Memphis begin in May, shortly after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Floyd died in police custody after an officer held him on the ground with a knee to his neck for nearly nine minutes.

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The protesters marched peacefully through Downtown Memphis night after night advocating for change and demanding criminal justice reform.