Ice Impact: What to expect and how to prepare

Memphis, Tenn. — The Ice Storm of 1994 layered the city of Memphis with nearly 2 inches of ice.

Nothing like that is expected in the forecast this week but parts of the Mid-South should still prepare for some power outages, slick roads and downed tree limbs.

Here’s what different ice accumulations can mean.

Any ice accumulation over 0.5 inches can cause crippling effects like we saw in 1994 with widespread downed trees and powerlines.

The forecast for Wednesday night into Thursday is calling for accumulations less than that with totals near a quarter of an inch.

This could cause some power outages, limbs to sag or break and slick roads.

The ice can actually add 500 pounds of extra weight to our power lines. Accumulations less than that can still see slick bridges and overpasses.

Now is the time to prepare for these impacts. Tennessee transportation officials are readying to cover some 9,600 miles of road with a salt-brine mix, the spokesperson said. Nearly 2,000 miles alone was in Shelby County.

If possible, plan on working from home Thursday and Friday. Get any errands done before tomorrow evening when conditions will worsen.

Make sure you have a few days’ worth of food and prescriptions in case the roads stay slick for multiple days. Also, know how you would safely stay warm in case the power goes out.

Stay safe with a preparedness kit. Items can include water, non-perishable foods, a flashlight with extra batteries, medications and other medical items.

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