Iconic Treadwell High jersey returned to Penny Hardaway over 30 years after high school career

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — University of Memphis head basketball coach and former NBA star Penny Hardaway got his high school basketball jersey back more than 30 years after playing his last high school game.

The red number 25 Treadwell High jersey is iconic in the Bluff City, and now it’s back in Penny’s hands.

Penny’s former high school principal, Dr. John Malone, didn’t want the jersey given to anyone but Penny himself.

Malone kept the high school jersey after Penny graduated, knowing one day it would be returned.

Malone’s family returned the jersey to Penny.

“(Malone) held on to it all this time and wanted to make sure I hand-delivered it to you,” Belinda Dotson told the basketball great.

Malone died in November 2020, and one of his final requests was for Penny’s jersey to be returned.

“He thought so highly of you and we are just so happy today to make his final request happen for you,” Dotson said.

Penny has built a legacy to make the city of Memphis and others around the world proud.