Kroger partners with UofM to provide free COVID-19 testing

Kroger Health partners with UofM to offer free COVID-19 testing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Free coronavirus testing continued in Memphis today at the University of Memphis.

Kroger provided the testing to anyone who felt the need to take a test.

FOX13’s Jeremy Pierre explains how people who have taken the test want to push others without symptoms to take the test as well.

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More than 26 thousand people have taken a coronavirus test in Shelby County.

“It’s not painful, it’s more so uncomfortable.”

Helen Collins is one of those who didn’t necessarily have symptoms but just wanted to know her status.

“I would rather be safe than sorry. The thing that I am realizing is the biggest problem I have is that nobody knows who has it.”

Collins showed me her results that came back negative after two days of waiting.

Kroger Health provided free coronavirus testing at the University of Memphis Tuesday morning.

The testing is open to anyone in the Mid-South.

Watch: Kroger partners with UofM to provide free COVID-19 testing

Dr. Angela Kuo from Cherokee Health is partnering with Kroger Health to provide the testing.

Dr. Kuo says opportunities like this are great for anyone to get tested to know where they stand with virus whether it be positive or negative.

“We generally have the capacity to do up to 700 tests per week. So over the next three days.”

Last week more than 400 people showed up to receive a test at the site, 300 shy of their potential goal.

Health professionals I’ve spoken to all agree that in order to stop the spread of the virus, we must test those who have no symptoms.

“Asymptotic carriers are probably one of the ways COVID spreads so much.”

More than two thousand people have tested positive in Shelby County.

Collins says if you haven’t taken a test, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of the free opportunities.

“It’s a precaution."

To make an appointment with Kroger for the drive-thru testing, click here.