Local church building damaged after being struck by car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Late Thursday night, a woman driving a Lexus SUV drove into the side of New Hope in Christ Ministries in East Memphis.

Pastor David Rhodes got the call around 10 pm.

“One of those unbelievable expressions on your face like wow! How did this happen or why did this happen?” Pastor Rhodes told FOX13.

“It was just one of those surreal things like something you see on tv,” said Pastor Rhodes.

No one was injured.

Pastor Rhodes told FOX13 the situation has nothing to do with the church.

Rhodes said a woman and her ex-boyfriend were talking about their relationship when things took a turn.

“She got upset about it and decided she wanted to end it all and she ran the car into the church,” he said.

Because the church is a predominately black church and the couple was white, Rhodes wants to set the record straight that the incident had nothing to do with race or the church.

“This was no ill will toward the church. This was not an attack on the church. Had nothing to do with any kind of racial situation or any type of attack against the church at all.”

Rhodes even extended an olive branch and invited the woman to his church.

“I said once you get through, once you get all this stuff taken care of, come back and see me, come back and talk to me.”

Rhodes emphasized the church is not a place to judge others but to help them and give them hope.

“When it comes to the church, it’s to restore someone, not to tear somebody down.”

Rhodes also said he has no plans to press any charges.