Man arrested after embezzling nearly $40k from employer, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police arrested a man accused of stealing nearly $40k from his employer over a period of two years.

Leonard Fuerst, 46, was arrested Feb. 7.

Fuerst worked for Carson’s Auto Sales in the 5600 block of Highway 51 in Millington, Tennessee.

The store’s owner told police Fuerst was taking cash payments for cars and keeping the money for himself.

The owner said Fuerst would write a customer a receipt from the receipt book as proof of the transaction.

The receipts were not numbered.

Fuerst would return to the store the following morning and take the cash payments, according to the affidavit.

Fuerst would then remove the receipt page from the receipt book and rewrite them in order to show more money coming in to the store.

The store’s owner told police he found 165 transactions totaling $39,945.

The owner said she recorded Fuerst admitting to the crime in her office.

Fuerst was charged with theft of property and taken to jail.