Marijuana ballot issue causing confusion in Mississippi

Mississippi — A Ballot issue is causing issues among some absentee ballots in Mississippi and you might find the same problems when you to to the polls to vote on November 3. The confusion comes from a question about medical marijuana.

Voting to legalize medical marijuana actually has two questions on ballots across Mississippi.

The first part asks voters if they want to approve either of two initiatives 65 or 65A that would legalize medical marijuana or vote against both of them. If you vote to approve either one of them you then have to choose one or the other.

“Now if you just voted no on the first part you can just leave it no and not do the second part and it will just be an under vote," said Desoto County Election Commission Chairman Danny Klein.

The medical marijuana 2020 campaign got Initiative 65 on the ballot as a constitutional amendment after getting more than 100 thousand signatures in support.

It would legalize marijuana in the state for patients with at least one of 22 specified qualifying conditions including cancer, Parkinson’s and PTSD. It also sets possession limits and a tax rate. The legislature adopted an alternative 65A that would also legalize it but with legislators needing to set specifics later, if at all, and limiting the drug to terminally ill patients.

You can find detains online and at the polls to help clarify things.

“They’ll have an opportunity to read over the measure and determine which way they are going to vote," Klein said.

Supporters of Initiative 65 say that 65A Was added to further cause confusion at the polls.