Memphis residents still picking up free water following boil water advisory

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People in parts of southeast Memphis say they are still experiencing cloudy water following a boil water advisory issued MLGW.

The boil water advisory, which affected over 250,000 customers, was lifted last week.

Low water pressure and other pressured affected the city’s water supply following three winter storms that hit the Mid-South.

Hundreds lined up to pick up free bottled water Tuesday in Hickory Hill at the World Overcomers Church.

One person told FOX13′s Jeremy Pierre they did not feel safe drinking the city’s water right now.

“I wouldn’t wish this happen to anybody,” one woman picking up water said.

Another said their water looked muddy and smelled.

County leaders told FOX13 they have received calls of customers experiencing excessive chlorine odors in water from their pipes.

Last week, residents lined up early in the morning for multiple bottled water giveaways.

Cases of bottled water were scarce at some stores due to the weather and the boil water advisory.

Shelby County Commissioner Eddie Jones says the county is providing pallets with cases of water to more than 20 sites across the county.

Jones says the county is waiting to receive updates from MLGW to get down to the root of the water problems.