Memphis restaurants grappling with ongoing water crisis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many Memphis restaurant owners are now having to figure out how to navigate the ongoing water situation.

MLGW customers are under a boil water advisory until further notice.

Some restaurants are able to continue operating; others have had to shut their doors.

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Last week’s snowstorms wreaked havoc on the area, causing low water pressure and a serious water shortage.

Some restaurant owners told FOX13 they are frustrated with what they see as lack of communication surrounding the water problems.

The President of the Memphis Restaurant Association said there was confusion after the boil water advisory went out last week.

Initially, MLGW said you could not even wash your hands with the water.

The Shelby County Health Department advised restaurants in Memphis to close.

Later, that direction was reversed to say restaurants could be open if they were able to follow the advisory.

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Some restaurants said the confusion led them to send many employees home and even cancel orders from vendors.

Some are open now just for pick up or delivery orders, and some said they also facing a shortage of supplies after last week’s weather delays.