Memphis Tigers game sold out with increased capacity, school says

Memphis, Tenn. — The Memphis Tigers contest against UCF this Saturday is officially at maximum capacity after announcing that more fans will be allowed at games this season.

University of Memphis Athletic Director Laird Veatch broke the news to FOX13 this morning that the school has sold it’s limit of 10,500 tickets to the match-up.

Veatch says the school hoped to sell more tickets but were forced to settle for the 10,500 tickets based on more fans requesting tickets in smaller groups of two to four instead of larger groups of six to eight people and groups being seated six feet apart.

When the Tigers take the field at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, it’ll be the first time the team graced their home field at the Liberty Bowl since their season opener against Arkansas State which Memphis won 37-24 in front of a crowd of over 4,500 fans.

Memphis was then forced out of action for two weeks due to a COVID-19 outbreak on the team.

Tigers head coach Ryan Silverfield says his players are just happy people will be in the stands, regardless of how many.

“Our guys are excited to know there will be more people out there,” Silverfield said. “We have wonderful fans. Allowing more of them to be able to watch us from the stands is what makes us happy because we know some people spend a paycheck on season tickets and it means so much to them. We know they’ll be loud and create an advantage for us.”

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Chao Lin graduated from the University of Memphis and is ready for the big game against UCF. Nothing will stop him from being in the stands on game day!

" I am very lucky I know this is probably one of the biggest games of the year UCF I mean we lost the last 13 games to them so I am very excited about this game," said Lin.

He is going to the game with a group of his friends; a game that is sold out at The Liberty Bowl.

“I went to the first game and totally was not used to it social distancing. We could feel the energy, so with all the social distancing and all the protocols you know it’s kind of like you’re going to a bigger stadium than we can handle but hopefully tomorrow at 12,000 fans out there hopefully we will make some noise,” said Lin.

In addition to making some noise for the Tiger football team, there will be a special moment for Tom the Tiger, the team’s beloved mascot, a Bengal tiger, who died back in September.

“We are a little bit limited in what we can do just in the Covid environment but we are going to be able to really have a nice ceremony for him pregame that is where we will be bringing his ashes on the field displaying it in his case” We will have a moment of silence for Tom, I know that’s difficult and an emotional thing for a lot of folks but we’re pleased we can at least honor him," Veatch said.

Single-game tickets to Memphis' remaining four home games can be purchased on the school’s official athletic website or by calling the ticket office at 901.678.2331.

The Tigers stay in Memphis for their next game next Saturday against Temple on Oct. 24.