Memphis tops 300 homicides, including an 8-year-old girl who loved to dance

Memphis, Tenn. — The number of people who have been killed in Memphis this year due to violence is now 302, the latest happening just before 2 AM Saturday.

Of the 302 killed, 31 have been children.

Fox 13 spoke with the family of Jordyn Washington who is the most recent child to lose her life to violence.

Jordyn’s grandmother, Sammie Washington, said Jordyn was a shining light for her family.

“She was my dancing ballerina cause she loved to dance,” Washington said.

As the days have passed, Jordyn’s father, Jasen Washington, said he’s doing his best to stay strong.

“I think me and God talked a lot,” Washington said. “Enough. Not enough but enough to stay grounded and be there for the people, like my mom. She was there.”

Sammie Washington was inside her Raleigh apartment on November 22 8-year old Jordyn was shot and killed from a stray bullet.

According to MPD, Cedric Conley is the suspected shooter.

“I would just let him know what he took from me,” she said. “He took my little shining light. She was a beautiful black baby.”

Jasen said he doesn’t have any malice toward Conley.

“I would just ask him why,” he said. “Just try to talk to him as a man. Just ask him why that anger was so much on him.”

Jordyn’s aunt, Ivy Houston, has been living in Memphis since the late 1980s. She said the violence this year has been tough to see.

“Memphis is a great city,” Houston said. “Got good people here. But you know you’ve got a few bad apples.”

Washington said she and Jordyn were going to move out of the city soon.

“We were planning on moving,” she said. “I mean because it was disheartening to see it on the news every day. Every day somebody was getting, shot, killed, robbed, whatever.”

Jordyn’s family said all they want now is justice.

“I go through my own stuff. Everybody go through their own stuff,” Jasen said. “What you going through to make you have to do something like that? But now that you’ve done your deed, you need to face the reality. You need to face what you did.”