Mississippi firefighter, 27, on hospice after contracting COVID-19

Sardis, Miss. — The story that Mook Smith’s grandmother tells is one example of why he was named firefighter of the year for the Sardis Fire Department.

“I live down in Batesville,” Debra Patterson said. “He lives up here. If he was down at my house and he got a fire call, he would try his best to get to that call.”

On Sunday, with Smith fighting for his life, the department showed it’s love with the sound of sirens.

Smith is battling COVID-19. Born with a heart issue, he was already dealing with two blood clots in his heart.

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Smith’s mother, Debra Patterson, said the doctors aren’t giving him much chance to survive.

“He’s doing good,” Patterson said. “He’s got faith. He said by the end of this month he’ll be up and out again. We’re just gonna keep praying. And, the people that’s praying for him, keep asking them to continue praying for him.”

Smith is home on hospice, surrounded by family, including his fiancé and three children.

They hope Sunday’s gesture provided Smith the positivity needed during this time.

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“I’m sticking beside him,” Patterson said. “It gets hard sometimes. When people come I try to tell them don’t cry, to be strong. He’s strong. He’s doing better with the situation going on. Yes, the doctor gave up on him but I told him I’m not giving up on him.”

What Smith means to the Sardis community was on full display this afternoon.

Though the outlook from the doctors is bleak, the faith and fight of Smith and his loved ones hasn’t wavered.

“I’m gonna share this with you,” Webster said. “One night, I was fixing to go to bed. I looked at my phone. He had texted me. Said grandmom, I’m gonna be alright. Just pretend I’m at home, not in the hospital. God got me and I know he gonna tell the doctors what to do for me. Just don’t worry.”

If you want to help support Smith, the Sardis Fire Department is accepting donations for Smith and his family.

Donations for Smith’s expenses and his children’s education can be sent to the Sardis Fire Department at 1052 Belmont Road, Sardis, MS 38666.