MLGW press conference on water crisis met with anger, frustration

Memphis, Tenn. — Frustration is mounting as MLGW continues to deal with a water crisis gripping the City of Memphis.

Many homes have low water pressure and others have no water coming from pipes at all.

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MLGW executives held a morning update to try to keep people calm and answer questions, but they ended up seeing the frustration for themselves.

As executives took to Facebook to update an anxious city about the water crisis overtaking so many lives, angry commenters took to keyboards to vent their frustration. Many of the comments were too explicit to share.

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The issue was expected to last at least through Monday, the executives said.

Aging infrastructure is being blamed for the water disruptions, impacting every part of the city. The company’s president and CEO addressed questions about the infrastructure, pointing to a 5-year plan aimed at improvements.

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“Our water system is very old. It’s been around for a while,” said MLGW president and CEO JT Young. “Again, its’ a five-year process; it’s not something we can flip a switch and do tomorrow. … We don’t actually know exactly when everything will be back to normal.”

Young addressed questions as to when issues would be fixed.

“We will probably have a better idea sometime late tomorrow or early Monday. At this point we can’t give a date or time by which that will happen,” he said. “We’re expecting to see more main breaks, more main ruptures. Frozen pipes that customers have today … are going to rupture.”